Sunday, September 25, 2011

I Ate Through This Debate

Why, yes, I am going to talk about the most recent debate held in Florida last Thursday. (The title will make sense later, I promise.)

The most discussed topics in this particular debate were the Economy & Immigration. But seeing as how my jar full of change is getting full, let’s stick with economy for today.

The first question asked what each candidate would do to help small businesses hire new employees and grow in this “troublesome” economy. Rick Perry takes the lead by talking about what he has done in Texas. (Shocking.) Basically his solution: lower the taxes. Great Rick, now tell us how you plan to do that. The moderator addresses Perry by stating that all of the other candidates have a jobs plan that is written down and people can read for themselves. Everyone except him, that is. So where is it?
Well, you will see a more extensive jobs plan. But the fact of the matter is, you look at the state of Texas…,” states Perry. (I’ll put that at about a TWO on the I.B.I scale.) Apparently, he couldn’t come up with a direct answer. Needless to say he didn’t exactly come out of the gate ready to go, and, unfortunately, that is the path that he chose for the rest of the night.
Mitt Romney also addressed the question by saying that our corporate and employer tax rates need to be competitive. Then goes on to review the first few steps in his 59 point plan.

The always compelling, Newt Gingrich is asked about unemployment benefits, to which he replies that people should not receive money for doing nothing. Blunt, but at least he answers the question.

**Now, how are these candidates going to turn this country around?
Jon Huntsman will take his tax reform package, regulatory reform, energy independence and take it all to Congress.
Herman Cain, besides his 999 plan, will lead us back up a hill. Good to know. (And congrats on Florida.)
Michele Bachmann will repeal Obamacare.
Romney will place his hand on his heart, tell the truth, live with integrity and lead our country like a true patriot.
Perry wants to, of course, be a leader, repeal Obamacare, and lower tax rates.
Ron Paul will help us understand about the bubbles, and get the people to create jobs and not the government.
Gingrich plans on Obama not getting re-elected.
Rick Santorum shall believe in the American people.
Last but not least, Gary Johnson promises to balance the federal budget.

So, for the real question: Did I really eat my way through this debate? The answer: Absolutely. You have to eat when you watch something as catfight-y as this debate. You can always count on the Perry vs. Romney (nice try) love fest, but this time we got a little Santorum vs. Huntsman action! Watching Santorum attempt to interrupt Huntsman was definitely popcorn-eating worthy.

Quote of The Day: “My next-door neighbor's two dogs have created more shovel-ready jobs than this current administration.”- Gary Johnson

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