Sunday, October 2, 2011

Moderate Shmoderate

Today, I had a conversation with my mom about the Presidential Candidates, who she likes/doesn’t like, and the things she wishes she knew more about. So what does my mom feel like she’s missing?

A moderate G.O.P. Candidate. “I’m tired of hearing people say how they’re anti-Obama, and why people believe that that statement alone makes them a good candidate.” This is something that has crossed my mind before as well. Yet, never has been something I’ve really looked into. Is there a candidate who has never slammed Obama in a debate?

So let’s review a couple of our beloved candidates.

-Michele Bachmann- Obviously out. This woman can’t even answer two questions in a row without making an anti-Obama comment.
-Newt Gingrich- Based off of how this issues is portrayed in the media, I’d be surprised if Gingrich didn’t make digs at Obama in his sleep.
-Mitt Romney- Has his anti-Obama moments. His metaphors are always the best. “What's happened over the last 20, 30 years is we've gone from a pay phone world to a smartphone world and President Obama keeps jamming quarters into the pay phone thinking things are going to get better. It's not connected, Mr. President.”

I recently went through the last two debates (September 12th & 22nd) transcripts on, and searched “Obama” to see how many times his name was mentioned. Here are the combined results:

Bachmann- 25
Romney- 16
Perry- 8
Gingrich- 5
Cain- 4
Huntsman- 4
Santorum- 3

And who is the one candidate to NOT slam Obama in the recent debates? RON PAUL, ladies and gentleman! (And Gary Johnson, but he doesn’t really count.)
Paul is keeping it classy with no digs to be heard. Bachmann on the other hand shows no mercy, and no other points of interest, with her whopping 25 mentions.

So let’s talk about Ms. Bachmann. What can she offer besides a repeal of Obamacare?
According to her website her top priorities are to:
-Restore our economy and create millions of new jobs.
-Repeal Obamacre and is unconstitutional mandates. (She just had to add the unconstitutional part.)
-Achieve deep cuts in spending to reduce America’s debt.
-Strengthen the family and defend marriage.
-Rebuild respect for America as the shining city upon a hill. (Shining city? Upon a hill? Come now.)

All of this certainly sounds like a nice little sentiment. But take a look at the issues section on her website. Almost half of every issue section talks about the failure of Obama. I’ll give the Bachmann team about a 1.2 on my I.B.I scale for wasting space. We get it Michele. You don’t like Obama.

I guess Bachmann doesn’t have my mom’s vote, huh?

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