Saturday, November 26, 2011

How 'bout some Obama?

For the first time, I will be talking about President Obama, and in keeping with the theme of campaign advertising there seems to be a decent amount happening to look over.

As we all know, commercial campaign ads can have a number of purposes. Whether those purposes be promoting themselves in a certain light or trying to put their fellow candidates in a certain light.
Well, in this particular instance it is Obama being attacked by the Republican GOP candidates. More specifically jabs from Governor Rick Perry & Mitt Romney. Perry’s thirty-second, national running advertisement starts out with a clip of Obama talking about how Americans have been “lazy”. Perry goes on to disagree with him and says, “Obama’s socialist policies are bankrupting America. We must stop him now.” And of course, the message is “approved” by Perry.
Mitt Romney’s approved one-minute ad starts with a clip of Obama giving a speech accompanied with ominous music. Words flash on the screen displaying the promises the president spoke of and then the words, “He failed.” Then as if the sun has risen after four years, we hear bright cheery music and see Romney’s smiling face as he speaks his assuring words. The purposes of these ads are clear: Attack Obama now.
Both Perry and Romney have received criticisms about the ads and are being accused of changing President Obama’s words. But the Republicans seem to be pushing forward full force, dropping over $13 million dollars on ads that put Obama in that negative light, and it will only continue to grow. This particular form of campaign advertising is just another way to get in the game. However, these attacks seem to be a bit early in this game, don’t they?
            According to an article recently published on The New York Times website, there might be a downside to these early attacks.

“But going negative so early also carries substantial risks. One is that many voters are not yet paying much attention to the campaign and will not do so until much closer to next November, meaning the advertising expenditures could be largely wasted. And negative messages now could alienate moderate and independent voters who blame excessive partisanship for Washington’s troubles in addressing the nation’s big problems.” (Jeremy W. Peters)

            This Times article also goes on to talk about another conservative advocacy group, called Crossroads GPS, that has already spent $20 million dollars on negative Obama advertisements. Americans for Prosperity is another group that is pitching on the anti-Obama ad campaigns, spending $2.4 million dollars.

            Now, I can understand that there is a campaign strategy in there for some of these groups and individuals. But let’s be honest. The messages that they are spending millions and millions of dollars on are words we have already heard. They may think that by putting these ads out a few months ahead of time is sure fire way to get people on the right band wagon, but all it does is beat us over the head with how much they hate Obama. And the fact that they’re spending that much money to tell us over and over again, is absurd. We get it. Now save it for game time.

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