Sunday, November 13, 2011

A Late Follow Up

As we all know, and as I have previously discussed, there have been allegations directed towards Herman Cain in regards to sexual harassment. So how about we follow up?

On Tuesday, November 8th Cain assembled a nationally televised conference to deny the harassment accusations and stand by his innocent plea. “Because that’s the person Herman Cain is,” spoken by Cain in the beginning of the conference. Four women have now come out to claim that Cain has addressed them inappropriately. So Cain starts explaining and defending his honor, by talking about each woman individually. In regards to one of the latest accusers, Cain claims to have never known this woman at all, much less recognized her name. Thus, rejecting her accusation with ease. He says sexual harassment accusations are of a serious matter, and that these particular allegations and statements exceed common sense and the standards of decency in America.  

Cain continues to discuss his family, particularly his wife at first, whom he’s been married to for forty-three years. Cain said Gloria, his wife, said that all of these accusations don’t even sound like something he would do. So Cain asks that the media not drag his family into this matter, because they are not the ones running for president. Apparently some of his family members have even been stalked by members of the media, and that the media continues to be professional by only approaching himself about these issues. 

Herman Cain graciously opens the floor for questions, and by doing so proves that he can continue to handle these accusations with confidence in his innocence. The first question refers to whether or not a candidate’s integrity and character should be under such microscopic pressure, to which he replies with a resounding yes. “With facts, not accusations,” he states. 

It is fact that Karen Kraushaar did file a sexual harassment complaint against Mr. Cain when they were employed together. However, the complaint was found “baseless” as Cain stated, and that there was an agreement that was dealt with in personnel between Ms. Kraushaar and the company. 
Another questioner from The New York Times asks that Cain level with them and that he takes the chance to really tell them what Ms. Kraushaar accused him of and what actually happened. In response, he explains the gesture he made that compared Kraushaar’s height to his wife. Which apparently is the gesture she was most upset about. I’ll give that a 2.2 on my I.B.I scale.

In closing, Herman Cain begs the media to focus on the issues that really matter, and that we not get distracted by these false allegations that, as he previously mentions, are just trying to bring his campaign down.
So are these allegations posing a major threat to Herman Cain? Maybe to the people who plan to vote in the upcoming election, but Cain certainly does not plan on backing down anytime soon.

“It “ain’t gonna happen because I’m doing this for the American people and for the children and the grandchildren. And I will not be deterred by false, anonymous, incorrect accusations.”  -Herman Cain

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