Sunday, November 13, 2011

A Perry Flaw Strikes Again

“Um, oops” is exactly what Rick Perry while we all said, “Wait, seriously?”

In a recent debate, Perry started to answer a question about tax code by stating which three federal agencies he would eliminate: Commerce, Education, and um…

Oh. Embarrassing. He forgot the third one. And not just for that one moment. Perry made several attempts to remember the one he forgot. Even our good ol’ Ron Paul tried to help him out with, “The E.P.A.?”
Apparently, that would go too, but that was not exactly the one federal agency Perry was thinking of.  After more stumbles and failed attempts, he even looked down to see if it was written somewhere. It’s not there, Perry. So what did he say when he ran out of “ums”? “I can’t remember. Oops.” OOPS!

Now while this is actually quite entertaining, and the audience laughed and clapped as well, it is just another rather unfortunate set back for the Governor of Texas. Perry has already shown that he’s not the best at debating. He also had quite the setback on coming out with an actual PLAN. For the longest time, all we heard was that he was going to get America working again. Looks like he still does not know. Either Perry simply has a bad memory or he did not create his own ideas.

After the debate, Perry discussed his little flub with reporters.  Now, this is a long quote I found in an article from The New York Times, but the entirety of it is not a waste of reading, that is for sure.

“I’m glad I had my boots on tonight, because I sure stepped in it out there.

Well, I tell you what, I named two more agencies in government than what the current administration has talked about getting rid of, and the Energy just wouldn’t come out. So anyways, those three agencies of government — Education and Energy and Commerce are part of it, and the bottom line is, I may have forgotten Energy, but I haven’t forgotten my conservative principles. And that’s what this campaign is really going to be about, laying out our tax plan.

Look, I’m focused on my issues, and my issues are about our tax plan, it’s about our budget, it’s about our cutting spending, it’s about giving Americans real hope for a vision that you get this country back to work again, and it’s really not that difficult. The fact is you just have to have some courage. From time to time you may forget about an agency that you are gonna zero out, but everybody tomorrow will understand that the Energy Department needs to be done away with…

I stepped in it, man. Yeah it was embarrassing, of course it was.”

It is completely understandable to have a flub. That is a normal, human error that is frequently made. However, you would think that under such circumstances (circumstances being that you are a candidate for the President of the United States) that you would do everything in your power to at the very least remember your tactics to “get America working again.” Come on Perry. You are a funny guy, but there is no room for “ums”.

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